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Be  Developer-Friendly

sourceCREATOR is the best way to develop programming skills.

We make SDKs, Sample Programs and Coding Tutorials truly developer-friendly.

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The Vision


Do you sell SKDs or Kits to developers?

Are your products developer friendly?

We make your products developer friendly.

With SOURCECREATOR™ your customers have
"zero technical debt".

As the number of connected, IoT and embedded devices is reaching billions, the pressure is increasing on businesses in the technology sector to keep up with the pace of these developments. Programmers must keep up with the hundreds of new software APIs, components and libraries from different vendors and, at the same time, keep the quality of source code up to the standards demanded by businesses. No wonder we are experiencing a shortage of skills wherever we look in the technology sector and this problem is only going to get worse.​

One way to address this problem is by providing programmers with 'software development tools' that help reduce their learning curve, reduce the costs associated with software programming and increase the quality of code.​

SOURCECREATOR™ is such 'Rapid Application Development (RAD)' tool and, through a novel method of software development, promises all the above.

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We believe the novel approach offered by SOURCECREATOR™ is an integral part of the future of software development and programming. To progress faster in offering a glimpse of the future to our customers today, we are seeking investment.

SOURCECREATOR as a product is offered in three forms each of which make possible a unique channel to capture value:

  1. Software development teams may license the underlying technology to embed within their software applications and bring the advantages that SOURCECREATOR offers to their customers.

  2. Businesses may use the non-visual tools that we offer to formalize, speed up and streamline their project specific requirements and processes.

  3. Finally, businesses, hobbyists and learners may use our visual tools to take the most out of our novel method of software development.

If you are interested in hearing more and receiving more information then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch and we will get back to you at the earliest possible.



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