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SOURCECREATOR™ works by engaging both the programmer and the vendor of APIs or software component libraries in the publishing and the using of a novel concept known as smart templates.

The vendors of APIs, components and libraries encode and package up everything that the programmers must know within smart templates and publish them for use by the programmers.

Programmers then use SOURCECREATOR to build an application out of smart templates either visually using a Visual Editor or by using the compiler and the code generator command line tools.

SOURCECREATOR automatically merges copies of templates and generates source code following the guidelines embedded in smart templates at the quality demanded by the vendors in a matter of seconds.

The generated source code is independent of SOURCECREATOR and may be used or modified in any way programmers wish.

Partner businesses may use SOURCECREATOR's visual tools to benefit from this approach, use the command line tools to meet the demands of their projects or may choose to embed the compiler and the code generation tools within their 'scriptable' software applications for the benefit of their users.

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